Videos are up...

Videos of my two talks at PyCon are both up now.  Introduction to Python Profiling is probably the better of the two for the general programming audience.  A Whole new OpenGL is only going to be of interest to people who actually want to work with OpenGL (in Python) or are just curious about how shaders work.


  1. anon

    anon on 04/08/2009 5:11 p.m. #

    I enjoyed the OGL talk, though the video (or rather the audio) is pretty painful, seems many of the pycon uploads are even less watchable though.

    It seems unfortunate that the incompatable update the powers feel is needed also throws away many of the convenience interfaces that make the api accessible to those without a captive stable of games engine programmers.

  2. Mike C. Fletcher

    Mike C. Fletcher on 04/09/2009 12:11 p.m. #

    Hmm, audio on the OpenGL talk seems okay over here. Profiling talk is extremely quiet and kinda funky sounding on my laptop.

    If the ARB had gone fully longs-peak and made it possible to have the old GL library installed in parallel it might have been a better approach. I'm not privy to the discussions on why they didn't take that approach.

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