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Haven't done much poetry lately...

Colleague (Mike Lin) has (re)launched his almost-rhyme-finding play site (that is, it finds almost rhymes, it's not trying to almost do rhyme finding).  Don't know that I'll have enough time to get back to poetry soon (Planet Python sighs a sigh of relief), but fun to play with.

Need to find some PyOpenGL time

The little PyOpenGL folder in Thunderbird is mocking me with its unread message count, but there's so much to get done.  Am I going to be working on PyOpenGL at PyCon?  It's becoming a possibility, but darn it, I want to work *with* people on something this year.  I want to code with ...

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TurboGears as a Twisted WSGI Application (in 125 seconds)

Say you want to have a TurboGears application running inside a Twisted web-server (which lets you mix in all sorts of other protocols).  J.P. has written up a 60-second recipe for getting a WSGI application running inside Twisted.  This post takes you the rest of the way to getting TurboGears 2.1 running inside ...

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