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Blocked on ResourcePackage/wxPython conflict (I hate being blocked by silly things)

I decided to update the generated ResourcePackage-hosted resources directory to use wxPython 2.5 style naming. This should have been a few seconds of effort, but as soon as I re-generated the embedded resources everything went all to heck. Though the old generated files worked fine in wxPython 2.5, the new ones are fubarred, they cause ...

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Pleasant afternoon with Golnar (Now back to work (sigh))

Same old feeling of needing to cram my consciousness back into boring coding again. Today I'm going to try to finish off the wxoo conversion to wxPython 2.5 and maybe get some decent demos set up for PyTable's wxoo mechanisms. Last night I spent a few hours rewriting the current hotspot in PySNMP, unfortunately, though ...

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