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Blog Rebooted

I've moved the blog onto its own VPS, running Zinnia (a Django based blog platform). It's using the Zinnia Bootstrap theme, and hopefully most of the old content will have ported over properly. The server has a (free) SSL certificate, so you can, should you wish, browse or comment using SSL (I really can't imagine why).

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6 Word Sci-Fi

Her tongue had not felt reptilian.

She almost missed Schroedinger's cat door.

"Your clone's warranty expired upon fertilization."

Jennifer disappeared soon after perfecting fusion.

Embarrassingly, his clothes did not follow.

Blue-collar photon entanglers started looking.

"Ned spoke for Earth without authorization."

These Armageddon parties need to stop.

Inanimate crystals were her best clients.

Inanimate crystals ate her best client.

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"Wow, what a sale they must be having", I thought

I really do love Toronto.  I've never been anywhere else that has such a riot of cultures all flowing (relatively) smoothly along beside each other.  Faces on the subway are so varied that it seems like a United Nations meeting.  There's every type of restaurant you can imagine and quite a few you wouldn't have thought of (Kosher Chinese-American being one of my favourites).

Today Soni and I went out to buy a couch, we moved recently, and we sold the old, couch and love-seat with the intention to buy something smaller for the new, much smaller ...

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Settling In Nicely After a Long Move

Soni and I moved into our new apartment over the last two days.  Long couple of days.  Our old building's administrator told us two days before the move that we couldn't use the elevator in the period for which we'd asked, so we had to reschedule the movers at the last moment.  They called to tell us they'd be "at least" an hour late in our 3 hour window.  Then around 1pm Soni got a call saying "I'm on my way over"... so I started the move down to the lobby (since we were going ...

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(S)ick and Yay!

I came down with a flu a few days ago.  Have been at home sleeping since, seem to be over the worst of it.

On the extremely bright side, Soni brought home the new laptop yesterday.  Vista really does suck rocks... how can an uber-laptop like this crawl under Vista?  Anyway, I've shrunk the Vista partition and installed Kubuntu 8.10 this morning.  KDE 4.1 is taking some getting used to.  It seems fine, but I haven't yet "got" why it's better than 3.x.

The laptop seems Ubuntu-friendly, other than the expected failure to run ...

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Explaining Complex Things

We went to the last Cafe Scientifique of the season in Toronto tonight.  Topic was a fairly generic "the future of medecine".  A bit disappointing in that the focus was all on the ultra-high-tech possibilities that might or might not show up.  That is, it was all about reactive medicine, rather than proactive.  Nothing substantive about movements to improve people's diet, exercise programmes, mental-health or happiness; all things that are far more likely to keep you alive and healthy than any given miracle cure costing as much as a large scale educational program in the schools.

Was struck by ...

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Uncle Vanya

After work we went to the distillery district to see Uncle Vanya. It was enjoyable, though I found the motivations post-intermission were hard to empathize with... pre-intermission I was really identifying with the characters, they seemed human, dreaming of a better world, but trapped in the mire of the day-to-day.

We want to make the world a better place, we dream of doing great things, yet day to day we slog away on the trivial affairs of life. There's always the fear that maybe we'll get to the end and find that what we've done was of ...

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As You Like It (Other weekend pleasantries...)

Soni and I went to the Distillery District to watch "As You Like It" on Saturday. We wound up running through the rain to just barely make the show. The last time we were 7 minutes late getting to the door. It takes about 50 minutes to get there if you aren't running, and we only had 45 minutes when we headed out.

The play was well done, I was moved by a number of scenes, most of them pre-intermission. I've never seen or read that particular play. Post intermission the story just seemed to lose interest, no ...

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