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Nginx Reverse Proxy with Authentication

So you have an internal device the web-gui of which you want authenticated users to be able to access.  You've got nginx running on the front-end server. You're willing to open up a port on the outside firewall, but all access on that port needs to go through your main web-app's permissions. You setup an nginx proxy like so:

upstream internal_gui {
    server fail_timeout=0;

That sets up your upstream proxy. Here we're connecting to ssl. We then setup a server to listen on a high port (using ssl). It has two ...

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Found the source of SegFaults on AMD + FreeGLUT

So the source of the segfaults that I'm seeing on fglrx and FreeGLUT on Kubuntu 14.04 has come to light. It's a known issue with the registration of FreeGLUT and fglrx at-exit handers (at the C level). You can work around it in your own code with PyOpenGL 3.1.0b3+ (which is still pending release) using:

            if fgDeinitialize: fgDeinitialize(False)
        except NameError as err:
            pass # Older PyOpenGL, you may see a seg-fault here...
        import sys
        sys.exit( 0 )

Where fgDeinitialize is available in the GLUT namespace.

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Ubuntu Configuration for Inspiron 15r Running Hot

So you have a Dell Ubuntu 14.04 Laptop and it is running way too hot. You can configure it to run at a reasonable level using i8kmon. As with anything heat related, be careful. If you miss-configure the machine you are likely to wind up with a fried machine!

You create a file called /etc/i8kmon.conf and put the following in it:

set config(daemon)      0

# Automatic fan control, override with --auto option
set config(auto)        1

# Report status on stdout, override with --verbose option
set config(verbose) 1

# Status check timeout (seconds), override with --timeout option
set ...

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FGLRX fail again, now on 12.04

So I've pretty much given up on the laptop having fglrx running properly, current Ubuntu just doesn't get fglrx, sucks, but okay, I should have stayed on LTS if I wanted a working machine.  But now LTS Kubuntu fglrx is hosed after some system update.  Every attempt to run any OpenGL program just segfaults (not just PyOpenGL ones, mind you, anything that uses fglrx). So no way to tell if I've fixed the PyPy bugs and can release PyOpenGL 3.1.0b1, because I can't actually run *any* tests. Meh.

[Update] Plus side: reboot fixed it ...

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Is fglrx dead for Ubuntu-current

So the AMD Proprietary driver (fglrx) for Linux supports "Ubuntu 12.04 and 13.04" (Note: not the current Ubuntu 13.10), and so far every attempt I've made to use them on 13.10 has supported the "not supported" hypothesis (kernel module compilation failures in the latest iteration).  But drat-it-all my machine meets the declared software requirements (kernel, xorg, etc), and it would make testing PyOpenGL releases so much easier if I could use the laptop for testing.

So does anyone in-the-know know if there is some grand plan in the works? They seem to still release drivers ...

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Voice Dictation Privilege

Apparently I'm blessed with a Voice Dictation friendly accent and tone. I can pretty much use most Voice Dictation systems, including the ones on Android, Dragon Naturally Speaking, and PocketSphinx. The results aren't mind-blowing-ly good, but if it's quiet and I speak clearly and train anything that gets missed, I get reasonable results.

Watching a child play with both the Android and PocketSphinx recognizers this weekend made me realize just how much I'm privileged.  His accent is pretty much identical to mine, but the recognizers just don't seem to pick up his (much higher) voice ...

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Nexus 5 Phone Contacts WTF

I needed to phone my mother at one point this weekend.

Pulled up the Nexus phone dialer for one of the first times (I don't actually use my phone as a phone all that much). Said my mother's (full) name, saw a brief flash of her details, and they were promptly replaced with a bunch of we results for her name (lawyers in the UK and the like). Of course that's what I was looking for when I explicitly opened the contacts app and searched for someone in my contact list by name... of course.

Same thing ...

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Integrated Graphics Really Does Suck

So apparently I forgot to re-install the fglrx driver after updating my laptop to Kubuntu 13.10.  So as I've been testing PyOpenGL I've been amazed by how cr*ppy the GL performance has been, and I kept running into "this doesn't work at all" bugs for newer features. It did make me actually look at what GLSL versions were required for various shaders rather than just declaring "330" in everything because that's what AMD supports.

[Update] of course, the fglrx drivers (both stable and Beta) don't even load (segfault) so I suppose there's ...

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Updating the Laptop to Kubuntu 13.10

Apparently Kubuntu 13.10's version of the fglrx driver is now equivalent to the beta one I added to my 13.04 install to get it running, so I decided to do the upgrade. However, it kept failing with a cryptic error that it couldn't do the upgrade because I was either running a pre-release ubuntu (no) or upgrading to a pre-release (no) or using some unsupported package (well, sure, but which one).

Turns out this warning was generated by having "held" the xserver-xorg-video-intel package in order to get the fglrx beta to run. apt-mark unhold the package ...

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My Raspberry Pis Seem Cursed

I've lost track of how many SD cards I've lost now. No one I talk to seems to have these issues.

Today I lost another one, this one because it was physically broken, that is, the whole front corner of the card was broken off, so it no longer hits the little spring that indicates there's a card present. That's now two physical issues (another card had the top and bottom of the card split apart), and lots and lots of corrupt SD cards, due to purchasing almost-but-not-quite supported SD cards (right manufacturer, but ordered the ...

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