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PyGTA meeting on Tuesday (GiveX offices, 7pm, same as the last two times)

There's to be a presentation from Jacob and Laura's company (AB Strakt), with some time left over for general questions and possibly PyCon debriefings, though there's not really all that much to relate (from me, anyway).

More details on the next-meeting page. Strange, I thought we'd set up a domain name for the ...

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3-1/2 hours wasted on Corrupted Disk (Need to buy a new one once the cheque for training clears)

Instead of getting home and spending 8 hours working on projects I wound up spending 3-1/2 hours rebuilding the computer, and 2 hours sick to death of the darn thing.

Which leaves just a couple of hours to actually do some OpenGLContext hacking. Decided to work on the "browser" component, which is the closest thing ...

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What to do with myself today? (After grams' of course)

Yesterday was mostly taken up with Taxes, day before that with writing Plone stuff. Today is my day off, so I should be working on OpenGLContext or PyOpenGL or wxoo or one of the others. I feel like working on something fun, so probably OpenGLContext. Still, more work on Plone wouldn't be a bad thing, ...

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