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Almost have Gentoo setup mastered (After what, 7 or 8 iterations?)

So, after giving up in disgust on the PyOpenGL 2.1 work, I decided that I was in the mood for something fairly mechanical. Since the Athlon (original Athlon, not XP, not 64) has been sitting unused since I built the Athlon64, I decided to install Gentoo on it and get started on building an IMAP ...

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Python's C-api mechanism is just horrible (More #defines than the original)

Giving up on PyOpenGL for the night. Creating a C-level API for a Python module requires either manually maintaining huge vtables, or somehow modelling the whole set. I've been trying to go with modelling the functions in Python, and that just isn't working, it's too awkward to modify the parts that need modification.

Don't know ...

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