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Android Dev Setup: What is step one, really?

Finally got a few minutes to poke a toe into the world of Android development.  Started the installation of the Android SDK for Ubuntu (Oneiric).  Eclipse won't start.  Segfault just after telling it where the workspace should be.  Apparently no one has ever changed the default working directory in the first dialog they ever see ...

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GLES 1.1 Really? In 2012?

Shiny new Android dev environment.  Start reading through the documentation (yeah, a bit retro), okay, Intents seem rocking... oh, the intro just sort of dumps you off in the middle of nowhere... well, let's look at the familiar stuff; OpenGL should rock with everything being modern and shiny.

GLES 1.1 only on 2.1! (Which is ...

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SilleScope, a trivial OpenGL oscilloscope-like thingy for kids

My (2 year old) son likes screaming at the OLPC "Measure" application, so I'd like to have something like that for all of our computers (i.e. something that displays audio as a simple view that lets you see your own voice).  SilleScope is the result.  At the moment it only has an ALSA source (i.e. ...

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