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QIII Shader File Parser added to Twitch

So after yesterday's post, you *must* have been thinking: "where *are* all those textures"? No one has 30 missing textures in a map level. A few of them seem like something that might have been hard-coded, "noshader" "clip" and the like, but there's no way those "sky" textures were going to be hard-coded to content ...

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Added Textures to Twitch this evening...

I've been playing at writing a small Quake III BSP map rendering engine using PyOpenGL (and OpenGLContext, for now) when I get the bug to do 3D.

Today I added basic texture rendering for "simple" surfaces (non bezier spline patches). With that you can wander around (unzipped) maps and tell what's going on, but nothing ...

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Video from is up...

The video has a number of drop-outs, and as noted elsewhere, it turns out that the section on Python 3 was wrong. Sigh. Python 3 did not clean up the profile/cProfile duality as it did for all other name/cName pairs, so Python 3 profiling works as long as you use Python 2 tools to process ...

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