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Aug. 12, 2013 - Aug. 18, 2013

Hyperloop Read-through

So somehow instead of working tonight I found myself reading through the Hyperloop plans from Elon Musk. Basically it's a very-low-pressure, but not true vacuum, steel tube held up on pylons from LA to San Francisco.  Linear accelerators (magnets) push cars through the tube by acting on aluminium blades on the bottom of the cars. ...

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Laptop Presentation Fail Take 2

So yesterday we needed to have the participants at the PyCon/Mozilla Maker Party view their videos on the front projector, and the loaner laptops were not happy with the task (many of the projects had 2, sometimes 3 Youtube videos running at the same time in their mashups), so we plugged in my Laptop with ...

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Public Service Announcement PyPI "wx" is not what you think...

It is not wxPython you are installing.  It's a "my first module" test package...

So how does one "claim" the top-level namespace module on PyPI when the namespace module is different from the name of the project.  Is there some mechanism to create a redirect from "wx" to "wxPython"?

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