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Nexus 5 Phone Contacts WTF

I needed to phone my mother at one point this weekend.

Pulled up the Nexus phone dialer for one of the first times (I don't actually use my phone as a phone all that much). Said my mother's (full) name, saw a brief flash of her details, and they were promptly replaced with a bunch ...

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Integrated Graphics Really Does Suck

So apparently I forgot to re-install the fglrx driver after updating my laptop to Kubuntu 13.10.  So as I've been testing PyOpenGL I've been amazed by how cr*ppy the GL performance has been, and I kept running into "this doesn't work at all" bugs for newer features. It did make me actually look at what ...

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Updating the Laptop to Kubuntu 13.10

Apparently Kubuntu 13.10's version of the fglrx driver is now equivalent to the beta one I added to my 13.04 install to get it running, so I decided to do the upgrade. However, it kept failing with a cryptic error that it couldn't do the upgrade because I was either running a pre-release ubuntu (no) ...

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My Raspberry Pis Seem Cursed

I've lost track of how many SD cards I've lost now. No one I talk to seems to have these issues.

Today I lost another one, this one because it was physically broken, that is, the whole front corner of the card was broken off, so it no longer hits the little spring that indicates ...

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Laptop Presentation Fail Take 2

So yesterday we needed to have the participants at the PyCon/Mozilla Maker Party view their videos on the front projector, and the loaner laptops were not happy with the task (many of the projects had 2, sometimes 3 Youtube videos running at the same time in their mashups), so we plugged in my Laptop with ...

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Packaging Ubuntu/Debian is not fun

So I wanted to get Eric4 running on my Ubuntu 13.04 laptop, no problem, the latest Eric4 is compatible, just download the Ubuntu package source, run bzr-merge-upstream and then debuild, right?

No, because Eric4 is a multi-file tar source, where the secondary files (translations) all have binary files that do not play well with the ...

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Upgrading the Laptop

I finally caved in to the silky sweet seductive tones of Docker. I can't risk the desktop as I need a working machine, but if the laptop is borked I just lose the ability to work away-from-home for a few days. I'm hoping to set up a whole suite of build/test containers.  If it works ...

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Create a DKMS DEB for a kernel module

If you have a traditional kernel module, such as the one for the ASIX AX88179 (source code) you may be rather reluctant to install it on your Ubuntu 12.04 machine because it requires re-compilation for every kernel upgrade.  Well, that's what dkms is for, so let's turn that source release into a .deb ...

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Docker is the first thing to make me want to update

Kubuntu 12.04 with the kubuntu-backports-precise PPA pretty much keeps right up with KDE changes, so there's very little incentive to update to 13.04 at the desktop level. As a result, I've been happy to keep all of our machines on the LTS.  Until now...

Docker doesn't work reliably without a 3.8 kernel.  12.04's AMD proprietary ...

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Linux Refuses to See the HDMI

My talk at Django Toronto was scuttled by my computer refusing to recognize the HDMI (complained about a checksum failure when the HDMI was plugged in) and the further failure of the VirtualBox image to get onto the network so I could use another machine.  We spent all of the prep time trying to get ...

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