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His Lacquered Head

He stalks the glowing circle
Seduces maids and hardened spinsters
With one burnished face
Masters an angry mob
Intent upon his death
With another
Battles evil
Fights cruel fates' clinging threads
But behind the painted temples
He sits alone in silent craft
Wishing just once it were not a sham
That the crowd might love ...

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FreeGLUT support mostly working (Minor problems with the string-rendering...)

Okay, went with implementing the FreeGLUT wrappers. They are basically working now, though I can't test the mouse-wheel (I don't have a mouse-with-wheel configured on Linux).

Biggest annoyance is that only the first line of text is getting rendered with the string-rendering code. I tried using u_byte arrays (which is how arrays are normally handled ...

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Finally got the GLUT fonts working in OpenGL-ctypes (Stupid indirection operator...)

I decided I really needed to get the OpenGL-ctypes GLUT support finished, so I just sat down and pounded on it for a few hours. The fonts were getting messed up because I was missing the import of a & indirection (resolution, whatever) operator in the definition. Basically there's a void * in the .so, ...

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