Category list

  • Design Theory 107 entries

    Discussions of Design Epistemology or more generally thoughts about design.

  • Knight Errant 123 entries

    Questing and jousting and other entrepreneurial details

  • Polis 12 entries

    Politics and the business of living with others

  • Pony 23 entries

    Rainbows and web services and Django... Oh my!

  • Snaking 1492 entries

    Discussions of programming, particularly of programming Python

  • Tuxedo 226 entries

    Discussions about Linux, Unix and related technologies

  • Vindaloo 756 entries

    Discussions of the spice of life, spices, and/or life.

  • Young Coders 215 entries

    Projects related to young people and computers, including young people learning to code and the One Laptop Per Child project.