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Social nova bomb on time (Wasn't just a drop in, tour, and drop out thing...)

I'd thought the housewarming this afternoon, an 'open house', was just a drop in, chat for a few minutes, and then head out thing. It was, instead, a fully-fledged party, with 30 or 40 people, enormous amounts of food, etceteras. Lasted well into the evening (started around noon). Good times, most of the people there ...

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One of those lovely quotes (Brendan is always good for a few...)

Brendan, being a historian by trade and having a prodigious memory to boot, always has fun little tidbits, and this one has been kicking around in my head for a bit:
A grey idealogue fronting for a party of loons

which is actually a quote by a political leader in Canada describing what he doesn't ...

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Lara's back (Yay)

Picked up Lara at the airport yesterday... didn't do much else really, went to bed almost as soon as I got back from doing that (I've been working very late hours all week and wanted to get back to normal-ish). Today's going to be occupied primarily with the mundane details of grocery shopping, cleaning, and ...

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