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SimpleParse 2.1.0a1 released (3 years after the last release...)

You know you've got to spend more time on your Open Source projects when you start measuring the period between releases in years.

Anyway, SimpleParse 2.1.0a1 is now out. The actual SimpleParse code is pretty much identical to the 2.0.1 release of way back when. The big difference is that this release includes a forked ...

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The Untapped Well in the Back Field

I can't share it with you
Because it all comes back
As heart-sticking recrimination
And randomly slung blame
That deepest strata of feelings
Below everything I ever was
Where heat and pressure
Applied over geologic time
Turns all to a black muck
Formless and half-forgotten
Clinging to whatever it touches
Burning whenever it feels the ...

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