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Jan. 16, 2006 - Jan. 22, 2006

Hard Warrior

Hard warrior
Above my cradle
Driven by ideals
Rough passions
Fine humour
Your words
So hard to hold
In my heart
Once removed
I can't understand
How you can be
So strong for me

Seeds of Lust

She'll leave it all to seeds of lust
Well let's embrace it friends
Plant our little seedlings
In rich dark soil of the night
Raise them with good hearts
Minds free of minor fears
We'll teach them truth
Show them love of knowledge
Try to give them wisdom
Raise them as good people
Who may ...

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We're off, we're off for a quick trip to
The place where we did growing do
Returning in a single day
All the more with VoIP to play

MythTV fixed (Missing kernel support for the OSS PCM API)

Turns out the MythTV failure was due to missing the OSS digital data interface in the Alsa module of the kernel (PCM), Myth was crashing in the middle of trying to work with the /dev/dsp interface without it. The card has again changed it's colour settings, but no big deal there.

Only major fallout still ...

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Physical and Intellectual Depth (And the last paragraph of the somewhat reworked Abundant and Refined Depth section)

Editing mostly today, though I did finally force myself to sit down and write something, even if it isn't particularly well written or long. Anyway, for the rabid design theory fans, here it is...

Designers often focus primarily on one of either abundant or refined depth. You will often see discussions of “textural richness” of ...

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Party of Loons

Those who are awake shiver
As the grey idealogue
And his party of loons
Lead the sleepers astray
Lure a country back
To darker days

Curiouser and curiouser with Asterisk manager interface (pyst doesn't seem to realise that there are event-generating queries)

Can't sleep, so spending more time with the manager interface. Interestingly, it seems that pyst has a fairly low-level assumption that just doesn't match the manager interface: namely that all events should be dispatched asynchronously to registered handlers. The problem is that certain actions produce a response, then a sequence of events in order that ...

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Retrieving information from the Asterisk manager interface (Again, using pyst)

A somewhat shorter task here. Imagine for a moment that you want to be able to list the currently available SIP peers (in a web-site front-end, for instance). The manager interface can run any Asterisk command-line-interface command, but how do you get the results of that command? It's not exactly obvious, but this little recipe ...

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Using Asterisk's manager interface to generate calls (From Python using pyst)

This is not a deep and profound project, it's a quick "hello world" example script that allows you to generate a call via Asterisk that connects a SIP URI to a particular extension in your call plan. You could use this as-is to create a phone survey or similar system that connects a user to ...

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