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Nov. 27, 2006 - Dec. 3, 2006

Not much OpenGL hacking this weekend (But I got some general maintenance done and played a couple of games)

I spent much of the weekend trying to decompress from the week and finish recovering from the cold. I got a tiny bit of OpenGL work done, basically getting OpenGL extensions fixed for Win32. No big deal, after all, who uses Windows these days. Still, nice to have it fixed.

Also got the accounting for ...

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Falling behind can make you fall behind (When projects slip past hard deadlines...)

I've been undertaking a rather enormous restructuring of the VoIP billing system for a past few weeks. It's pretty close to finished, but it's not yet ready for prime time. Problem is, today is the first of the month, so the invoices must go out.

So, I've spent the last few days (when I wasn't ...

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I sort-of forgot that Asterisk programming could be fun (StarPy reminders...)

Have a (short) contract starting tomorrow to do some StarPy programming. Figured I'd get back in the swing of things by implementing a quick-and-dirty Call-to-Call application.

Basically this is a little AGI + AMI application that you have running on an Asterisk box that registers for a phone number. When a call comes in, the ...

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