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OLPC on CityTV (News at 6 and "international" news program on the all-news channel)

Amber Mac (formerly of G4 TechTV, now at CityTV) did a piece on the OLPC that aired this evening. Introduction by the anchor and a minute or two of interview. I'm told it will eventually show up on the web for viewing (hope so, as I managed to crash MythTV just as it was on).

No dual boot on this machine (First Gentoo-only machine (sort-of)...)

Around some paying work tonight I've been "working in" the new machine. That's included testing that various components are working, fixing minor configuration issues and the like; but the big event was playing with VMWare to create a Win32 image for doing the porting/testing work for various projects. I'm not finished yet, but it's a ...

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