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June 16, 2008 - June 22, 2008

Frame Buffer Objects are Easy (ish)

Felt a little under the weather after a good party (apparently I picked up some soy, which I can't digest well) I decided to learn a little bit about Frame Buffer Objects in OpenGL. These are the new system that allows you to do "off screen" rendering and "rendering to texture" behaviours. Turns out they ...

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Explaining Complex Things

We went to the last Cafe Scientifique of the season in Toronto tonight.  Topic was a fairly generic "the future of medecine".  A bit disappointing in that the focus was all on the ultra-high-tech possibilities that might or might not show up.  That is, it was all about reactive medicine, rather than proactive.  Nothing substantive ...

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OpenGL Vertex Buffer Objects (VBO)

Only had 1/2 day to work on PyOpenGL today (client needed work done this morning), so just played around with the Vertex Buffer Object (VBO) extension. In particular I added support for mapping data into the arrays and automatically deleting the arrays if the user forgets to do so. For those following along at home... ...

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Guiding Hands

Interesting chat with one of our friends this evening. We were batting around the big problems of the day; energy crisis, resource exhaustion, pollution, that kind of thing and looking at the various solutions proposed and possible.

One thing kept coming up, namely the fact that as energy prices soar, alternatives become more affordable comparatively ...

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Programming Limits

Work with old, large systems enough and you start to get a persistent feeling of Deja Vu. Get large enough and you always seem to grow a set of features that is almost like every other large system, just implemented in a completely different way so that code sharing is simply impossible.

How many file-system ...

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