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Dec. 22, 2008 - Dec. 28, 2008

Square-maps in wxPython for RunSnakeRun

Just built a little square map implementation in wxPython.  Eventually will be integrating it into RunSnakeRun to let you see a graphical breakdown of the hotspots in your profile (as you do in KCacheGrind, but this should run easily on any of the major platforms because of wxPython).  I think I'll want to tweak the ...

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Javascript's default-global... repressed memories

I used to do ridiculous amounts of Javascript for Holodesk, so I *should* have immediately twigged to this, but it's been 8 years and I've managed to block this particular silliness out.  Say you have a reusable (Dojo) widget where you need to access "this" in a callback.  The callback function will have "this" bound ...

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Abstractions and Drowning in Them

Have been spending a lot of quality time with Dojo this weekend, and it's making me think about abstractions again.  The pattern seems to repeat itself again and again; you dive into a deep pool of someone else's abstractions, you spend days working out all the little undocumented assumptions and missing pieces, eventually you get ...

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Yay, 3D and Suspend Working Again

So, the trivial difference that I hadn't realized I'd changed: I apparently enabled "effects" for KDE, which turns on Compiz.  With that enabled the Lenovo W500 laptop would die on resume.  With it turned off, resume works with the proprietary driver and I still have the 3D acceleration for PyOpenGL hacking (when I get a ...

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Happy (Belated) Solstice!

Used to be that I'd have a party every Solstice and Equinox.  Somehow it just slipped past this year.  Still, I did eventually remember it, so happy Solstice everybody.  Enjoy the longer days, enjoy the time with family and friends, enjoy just being.

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