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March 3, 2008 - March 9, 2008

State of the Games (Tutorial research...)

Have been working on the introductory presentation for the Tutorial most of the weekend. Decided against a "normal" presentation; after all, everyone there has already committed enough to pay for the tutorial, they are going to be more interested in the current project status, how the philosophical approach has emerged in practical code, and what ...

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Speed up PySNMP for Free? (Upgrade to Python 2.6, apparently...)

Apparently there *is* going to be some performance changes in CPython (though it's from the PyPy folks, so I suppose the "most of the recent performance-oriented work happens in PyPy" analysis stands). There's a patch that adds an __mro__ function cache. This is a pretty straightforward operation that caches the function-object lookup on types via ...

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PyOpenGL is Offline (DMCA takedown notice...)

For those asking, yes, PyOpenGL has disappeared from SourceForge. Gentleman sent a DMCA notice thinking that gle32.dll was his, it is actually just a compiled version of the (BSD licensed) GLE library for Win32. I've sent in a DMCA Notification Response, and the gentleman who issued the initial request has asked for them to rescind ...

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