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Adding user-authentication to your Twisted web-site (Another HowTo for undocumented features...)

Following along from the recent post describing how to make your Twisted web-server use SSL sockets, a slightly more involved HowTo describing how to setup HTTP authentication and Twisted's cred module. First, before you say anything, yes, this (using Nevow to guard regular twisted.web) is the "right" way according to the Nevow developers (Nevow is ...

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Minimal example of using twisted.manhole (Since it took me so long to get it working...)

Okay, so you want to take a Twisted server and provide a way to execute arbitrary Python code within it while it is running. A few moments of googling gives you the information you need, namely that you want to use the twisted.manhole package. A few minutes more and you come across what seems ...

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HowTo: Create an SSL web-server in Twisted (Crude approach, but it works...)

The Twisted web howto doesn't mention the fairly common task of creating an SSL-secured communications channel for a web server. The process of doing so is fairly simple, but it requires tracking down a few pieces of information, so I've collected them here:

First things first, to create an SSL server, you need a private ...

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