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April 27, 2009 - May 3, 2009

Do not use "profile", use "cProfile"

For those who didn't see the presentation at PyCon:

  • do not use the profile module with python 2.x
  • use the cProfile module (or hotshot if you're on < 2.4)

the profile module has extremely high overhead and will produce results that would have you doing the wrong thing if you were to believe them.  See ...

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Most of the work I planned to do is done...

There's always going to be lots more work to get done, but I think I'm pretty much okay with where OpenGL_accelerate is for now.  There's now a C-level API for format handlers, so that Cython modules can be written that pretty much do a cast and a dereference to get values, rather than doing lots ...

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Where are we...

So with a fairly extensive set of Cython wrappers, running a fairly large, heavy VRML world with transparencies and all the rest, I see a noticeable, but modest, speedup.

The world I'm testing on goes from ~12.8fps (avg) to 15.5fps (avg), that's a nice 20% speedup.  On average OpenGLContext now spends around 20% of rendering ...

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Cython for the last couple of days...

I've been writing accelerator modules for PyOpenGL for the last two days.  I think I've got to a reasonably comfortable point.  I've got a Numpy FormatHandler and an ArrayDatatype written.  With some judicious use of cdef'd typed self variables there's a lot of overhead eliminated from the wrapper operation.  To make it really fast, however, ...

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