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Catty ssh is cool

Was looking up something for a backup operation and saw a command where someone was catting from ssh... I'd never thought of doing it before, but it does make sense:

ssh "pg_dumpall | gzip -c" > ~/cluster.sql.gz
should connect and dump the entire DB cluster (gzipped) to your local machine.
ssh "gunzip -c ...

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All those little spots where you use strings...

x.split( '.' )
Is an idiom that shows up all over the place, particularly in list comprehensions. Run your code through 2to3 and it fails when x is a str (bytes) object, as 3.x thinks the '.' is unicode. It fails with a rather cryptic TypeError: Type str doesn't support the buffer API error as ...

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bzr-svn for those stuck with svn servers...

At work I need to interact with an svn (1.4) repository, but honestly I'm so spoiled by bzr that it just drives me nuts, particularly the (frustratingly frequent) situations where I miss a particular change-set/revision when merging into my tree and wind up reverting someone's changes.  The VCS should bloody-well track what revisions are missing, ...

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Good news, backups worked, bad news, it's the motherboard

The backups did, indeed, work, though the /etc/ backup wasn't quite as recent as I'd have liked.  However, now *another* disk is corrupting (this time the home/var disk), and it looks like it's the motherboard's SATA controller at fault.  Replacing that will require new motherboard, memory, and CPU... and yet another day of working on ...

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Python 3.x Porting Notes

Decided to see how much work getting PyOpenGL ported to Python 3.x would be.  Notes so far:

  • ubuntu has Python 3.1 packaged (yay)
  • also has distribute and -dev, you'll need both
  • virtualenv -- this is key for my porting work-flow (not just for PyOpenGL, for almost every project), had to use an hg branch to ...

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