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Feb. 13, 2012 - Feb. 19, 2012

Green Fields are Fun!

Sitting down and playing with "what needs to be in the box" for OpenGLContext 3.0 (the most boring working title I can come up with). Time constraints suggest I'll have to do a migration rather than a re-implementation, so the name is probably apt.  The GUI-library integration is fine, the scenegraph engine, node-paths, matrix calculation, ...

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Phenomenal Enterprise-Grade Messaging: Itty Bitty Message Size

(Read that in Robin Williams' Genie Voice) A project I used to work on has been informed by certain rabbit-mq types that they should not send messages > 15KB on a RabbitMQ server because it would "chew up all the subscription threads and limit throughput"... which... wow, dropped off a robustness/scalability/credibility cliff there.

Planning to use Numpy Structured Data Types

One of the things I'd like to have for a revised OpenGLContext/scenegraph API is a nice, efficient, friendly, mechanism for processing buffer data.  I currently tend to follow VRML97's OpenGL 1.1-style array model, which is very dated these days. Each component of a vertex is separated out into position, normal, and textureCoordinate arrays and the ...

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