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Ubuntu 22.04 Python 3.12 pip is broken

It seems that we've removed an entry point that pip 22.0 uses from Python 3.12. That means that you need to install pip from on Ubuntu LTS python3.12.

However even with that done and tox supposedly configured to use pip 23.2.1 in its virtualenvs, I still wind up with pip 22.0 in the ...

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What is Pythonic Typing for "There exists some plugin that provides an Adapter for X"

So starting to think about a PyOpenGL 4.x release, which would be first to drop Python 2.7 support, so the first one where type-hints can be used to declare metadata for type-coercion (vs the current nonstandard type declarations). The first big question that comes up is:

Given an open collection of types {A,B,C,...}
And a ...

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PyOpenGL 3.1.7 Building Now

So I spent some of the Victoria Day weekend on PyOpenGL. Biggest changes are:

* got cibuildwheel running on github actions so that we can get a matrix of (manylinux) wheels built for accelerate
* automated upload from github actions to pypi
* investigate the egl regressions; so far all of them seem to be ...

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Weird regressions in EGL setups

So trying to spend a bit of my vacation going through PyOpenGL issues. So far the biggest issues are all EGL related, with the one currently stumping me is that we do not seem to be able to do an eglMakeCurrent (getting an EGL_BAD_ACCESS) even though the context/view is only ever accessed from the pygame ...

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