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Mmmm halva (or halawa, as the package insists) (Silly modernisation of transliterations...)

Home again, home again, jiggety jig. New license aquired, food store stocked, day's news reviewed, and ready to start work. Sheesh, it's almost 7pm. Been thinking quite a lot about a comment by Shane about my "inner child"...

I should eat some day soon... (The cupboards are bare, the license is expiring, the hard disk is missing!)

Tomorrow need to run errands before I start work. I've been out of food since early this morning (even the emergency snacks (high calorie and salt content) are gone), and my poor little tummy is going to be unhappy with me come tomorrow. It's getting back at me by expanding my shopping list ...

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Widgets should be determined w/out if/elif junk (Things you know you should do right in the first place but never get around to...)

Well, mostly wound up generalising the planned-object editing system today (modulo a few hours trying to figure out what was wrong with my SNMP queries, (it was just a system mis-configuration in the end, nothing to do with my code)). Got the "choose an existing or other-new-planned" control working nicely. Whipped up a street view ...

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