Working tonight (Slept yesterday...)

Yesterday I didn't so much as code a single line. Got up, watched cartoons, went back to bed, got up, watched a Tivo'd movie, went back to bed, got up, read email, and went back to bed. Still wound up a little tired, but at least the bags under my eyes are mostly gone. Hands are still chutneyed.

Tonight's task is to get the group statistics 1) working (they're currently recording only the last group, which results in rather strange summaries) and 2) storing history for the groups (currently it only stores history for individual modems). After that I'm thinking I'll code in a cleanup mechanism to drop individual modem records after a month, which should dramatically reduce the system load. After that, go back to UI redesign... if I get all that done tonight I'll be so flabbergasted I'll likely fall into a stupor until tomorrow afternoon.


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