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Catspaw (References to names you think you should know...)

Saw a link in a blog entry today to "Catspaw", which for some reason seemed like a familiar name to me. She's apparently the same woman from UofT who wrote this paper, which I read when it first came out, but that doesn't refer to her as Catspaw.

She also appears to be ...

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Well, that feels better (Though I could really use some sleep now)

Just did a significant amount of refactoring to pull all the collection-editing code into one place. Seems to have all worked out. Now, however, I must sleep again (I had a nap earlier). Oh, there's new releases of BasicProperty/BasicTypes and PyTable for those who are interested.

Thirty-some-odd movies (Answer to nagging question that finally woke me up...)

Decided my back just wasn't going to let me keep working, so took a nap in there. Awoken at 3 by the computer starting to record "The Burbs". Obviously, the first thing that popped into my mind was; "how many movies has Tom Hanks been in" and after I'd listed about 15 or so "how ...

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