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Fitting in with people who have normal schedules is a pain (Who ever heard of "call before 9pm"?)

So, once again, I managed to miss the window of opportunity for calling the chap who's running the hike. I considered calling at 18:19, but thought he'd likely be eating dinner, so I put the hiking schedule down in front of my workstation and promptly forgot it until 21:15.

Won't be able to call tomorrow ...

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More pointless details on Rosey's new machine (Just 'cause I'm waiting for it...)

Pulled the old 60GB drive and the original 256MB RAM module out of my workstation to put in Rosey's machine instead of her current drive. Accidentally tried one of the 512MB modules and discovered that they don't work with the older motherboard in the PIII machine.

Eventually the PIII will be the mail and file ...

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Slogs on toast (Perched on the edge of the sublime...)

Beyond UI cleanups and tracking down (or rather trying to track down) some bugs exposed during monkey-testing, I've been seriously pondering how to handle what amounts to a huge change in approach to the app without disturbing it too much just before the demo next week. Thing is, I would really like this approach to ...

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Rosey's moved in (Her computer is a mess...)

Found 3 trojans/virii so far in scanning the machine, and the thing is dog slow for just about every operation. Going to have to wipe it and rebuild it from scratch once I finish backing up the data. It's an Win2K box that's been sitting unprotected on the network (though behind a slow connection) for ...

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Why minority parties want proportional representation (For those who are curious)

The Greens do appear to have more than enough support for funding in the next election (4%). To put that into perspective, that's something like 12 seats worth of the popular vote, but not a single actual seat obtained.

% of Seats
% of Vote
Bloq ...

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For those too lazy to read Canadian newspapers (Liberals are back in power, but with a minority government...)

Looks like Canada will be governed by an unofficial coalition of left-leaning parties, with the Liberals (centre-left) and NDP (left, but lately deeply into crack) making up the most commonly aligned voting blocks (though the Bloq Quebequois is quite similar to the NDP in many ways (save that they want to split Quebec out of ...

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I love to slog (Nothing better...)

Think I've finally got the ping scanner behaving properly. Now working on UI issues. First was cleaning up the error-log view to make the error tracebacks a little more pleasantly formatted. Second is testing the node-range mapping import. It seems to be working fine still, but it's linked to network-object views being the primary focus ...

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Changing of the roommates (Lawrence has finished moving out...)

Rosey (my sister) is moving back in with me sometime this week. She was up mopping the floor this evening. I, however, have basically been sleeping (trying to sleep, actually) since getting home from gram's place.

Score was 2 games to 1 for grams (I sunk the black, then sewered on the black). However, I ...

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And so I remember next time (Should have thought of it earlier, but the sketch said to go the other way...)

Oh, I figured out a simpler way to handle the numeric api module overriding of the base module's functions. Since the functions have identical signatures, I can just have the numeric module's initialiser load the base module and change the vtable using the base module's defined names for each function, i.e:

pyopenglbaseapi[ PyObject_FromDoubleArray_NUM ] = ...

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