That's it for tonight (Didn't get the search functions working yet...)

There are 3 user stories I'd like to get done for the demo; modem search, data graphs and at least one of the synthetic hierarchy types (devices). I'm about 1/2 done the search story now. The database-access bug on cmon is still keeping it from completing the requirements (i.e. running the full demo), but the codebase is otherwise (i.e. on my workstation) complete wrt the original spec for the project.

There are a few dozen more user stories sitting on my todo list. There are also 3 bugs, the big and evil database one, a trivial problem with refreshing a page after a table is updated, and an annoying memory leak.

I'd hoped to fix the leak with the trimming code I introduced today (and that definitely helped), but it is still showing up (consuming about 25MB per hour, instead of 133, however). Don't know what else (beyond the expected leak I eliminated with the trimming code) could be leaking, but given the leak profile, it looks like it's something that's happening continuously, so likely something involved with modem or group pinging. Should be fairly easy to track it down I hope. I'm wondering if maybe I'm doing something stupid with creating an infinitely growing chain of deferred's somewhere.

There's still around 7 or 8 hours of billable time left on the clock, so I think tomorrow I'll finish off the search interface and then work on the database bug. Given how evil it looks, I wouldn't be surprised if that winds up taking the whole day :( . After that it's the memory leak and we can swat this baby on the bottom and call it done :) .


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