Archives Oct. 14, 2004

Just to torment me, the Windows install goes flawlessly (Clickety-click, installation trick...)

Even updated the viewer to allow for picture-in-picture (though I don't have cable-tv-cables or audio-cables to make that work yet). Linux may be stable and fast, but Windows still has it beat on driver support.

Anyway, back to work; going to be a long day I'm guessing. There's no food in the ...

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Bleep, that's not what was supposed to happen (What should have been a trivial install of common hardware winds up screwing up core functionality...)

Well, I spent about 1.5 hours working on getting the new TV card working (about 1/2 hour longer than I'd intended). Unfortunately, to do that I needed to recompile my kernel (gods what a stupid system that is, honestly), and something wound up upsetting the magic that let the tablet work. Have ...

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