Shopping tomorrow (Can't look shabby at the wedding...)

Need to buy new dancing shoes and a decent shirt (think I'll go for either lime green, red or blue this time) for my suit (yes I do own one). I haven't the foggiest where one goes to get reasonably priced, yet stylish men's footwear in Toronto, I normally buy boots and/or hiking shoes. Luckily the bright t-shirts should be available just about anywhere.

The biggest problem is likely going to be finding a decent pair of shoes. Somebody apparently decided about 5 or 6 years ago that men's shoes should be klunky affairs with huge lips of sole sticking out past the uppers. Looks ugly and tends to catch as you dance. What I want are shoes where the sole is the same size or even slightly smaller than the uppers, with a dull-black (not polished) finish.


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