Ruminations on going back to Windows for a day

Been working in Windows all day (good old reliable Windows ;) ). I'd forgotten how much more worn-in my working environment is here, everything set up for two-key access, everything defaulting to opening in the right directory, every tool winnowed from the pack over years of Darwinian selection, every device "just working", without few if any little frustrations or failures.

Too bad it's produced by a monopoly with no sense of right versus wrong.

But it does remind me that we have to work on the driver issue for Linux. Kernel recompilation to load a driver just doesn't cut it. That basically requires that the user intervene in the process manually. That's just silly when all you're talking about is loading up a module that uses a predefined interface. Actually, I don't care if you have to recompile the kernel, I just want it to happen in such a way that it can't mess up the system and doesn't require any user intervention...


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