Archives Oct. 18, 2004

Sometimes a day evaporates with nothing to show for it (Oh, and Cinemon seems to be leaking *faster* now)

Spent much of the day staring at PySNMP code looking for something (anything!) that would make it faster without necessitating a bulk rewrite in C. Then gave in and started looking at what would be necessary to use net-snmp as an encoder/decoder for TwistedSNMP.

A few hours of tracking down and copying the various structures ...

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PyOpenGL is just about ready for a release (Two or three bugs fixed, as well as a setup fix for Linux machines)

As I promised various users, spent much of the free time on the weekend on PyOpenGL, basically just working through the list of outstanding bugs. Nothing spectacular or new, just making things work the way they should.

Anyway, it's ready for a new release, but I don't want to be doing the release this late ...

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