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New release of PyDispatcher available (Fixes 2 memory leaks)

While testing some memory-leak bug-fixes for PyOpenGL I discovered a memory leak in OpenGLContext. With a lot of tracking I found out that the leak was from Dispatcher.

Now, you may not care about that (I'm speaking to Bryan and Tim here), but Dispatcher is also used in Cinemon (which you will recall is currently ...

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Hypothesis as I lie here wondering (About losing a beautiful woman's name so easily...)

The hypothesis goes like this:
The two forms of memory, "lossless" and "lossy" have complementary function. Lossless memory tends to produce individuals who are more concrete (because they can recall random data associated with individual objects/situations), less creative and less abstract, while lossy memory tends to produce those who are better at synthesis, creativity and ...

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Oh yes, the party (Since you didn't ask...)

Met quite a few people. Shane brought... well... lots of people, including two ladies he'd met at a Second Cup. Very interesting both, one is a postmodern philosopher, but with a reasonable (read agreeing with me ;) ) perspective on the overall utility of the ideology. The other is a cultural anthropologist.

Both quite charming ...

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How to affect change in the world (Zen and the art of making the world a better place)

Had another conversation tonight that involved someone having bought into the competitive model of society. This is the area of thought that is often described as "right wing", and includes Rand and Smith's "Guiding Hand".

It builds from the idea that the only way to accomplish anything is through force, with force including coercion. With ...

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