Is my only muse insomnia (Little bit of poetry refuses to leave my mind...)

Dashing the poor poetry against the rock of self-publishing should teach it better than to keep me up at night.

This is largely a reaction to something a friend once told me, namely that she just wanted a relationship where she could feel something when it ended. It's somewhat foreign to me, because I tend to feel far too much during a relationship (which makes for stormy weather) and I take their collapse quite poorly.

Still, as a result of those bad experiences, I don't readily enter into deep relationships (same as my friend) and wind up with an emotional shell around me just the same... I just seem to keep letting people in who will hurt me, while she's never let her guard down that much. Maybe she felt more secure in her familial love as she was growing up, and so doesn't have the same need for acceptance I do... maybe she's just more cautious as a person... who knows.

For those who missed the link at the top and the implication of the post, there's a new bit of poetry posted in the texts section.

Oh, also updated this one a little.


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