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Anyone know a decent tool for finding memory leaks? (Even being able to reliably and automatically determine *if* there's a leak would be good...)

Pinning down memory leaks in large-ish systems with large numbers of libraries is a bit of a pain. I wind up using the silly Windows task manager (yes, I'm still using Windows, despite having fixed Linux (sort-of) a while ago). Sure, I don't do this very often, but would be nice to have tools when ...

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Memory leaks in TwistedSNMP (Tracking things down that shouldn't leak...)

Seems as though there's something leaking memory in TwistedSNMP (I've been tracking down Cinemon's leak). Doesn't appear to be particularly large, but with the number of queries Cinemon does, could be a contributor. Haven't yet figured out where the silly error is inside TwistedSNMP (more precisely, I've determined which test cases are leaking, I just ...

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Words formed from serendipitous (Natasha's obsession...)

Natasha caught wind of Alan's wife's "serendipitous" words challenge. She's apparently up to 250 words... running the word-finder script, however, says that there's something like 1845 words in total (though that includes abbreviations and proper nouns)... hopefully it's not distracting her from writing the novel.

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