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Natasha finishes her novel (Apparently part of an internet competition...)

Natasha informs me that she's completed the novel, which apparently qualifies her as winner of a given competition. Congrats to her. Spent the evening having a few friends over for dinner (Shane, Lara and Golnar). Made molé, which I think I can now say I have mastered (well, my own version of it anyway).

Going ...

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Doesn't look like it's in any condition to update to using v4 (PySNMP is hard enough to use with full releases...)

After a few attempts to get everything working with PySNMP v4a1, think I'm going to have to shelve that work and move back to PySNMP 3.x. Whatever fixes may have shown up, the amount of rewriting it's requiring is just too much to consider in the middle of trying to track down this memory leak. ...

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Seem to have fallen behind in tracking PySNMP (Apparently there's a version 4 now...)

PySNMP (which is where I'm trying to track down the memory leak at the moment) appears to have a new version in development (in CVS). Really should have been paying attention to what changed before I hit "update" in the CVS module. Looks like some pretty serious refactoring.

Also appears to have a MIB parser ...

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Need to put together a PyCon presentation proposal (or three) ("Functional embarrassment to exploding decorators, the creation myth of descriptors")

Also would be nice to have PyOpenGL-as-ctypes as a presentation, but that requires getting enough time to actually finish (heck, start) the project.

Maybe should do something for BasicProperty, PyTable and wxOO, just a quicky "save yourself some work" thing. Maybe build a wxPython UI for Cinemon just to be perverse :) .

Hmm, ...

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My subconscious needs dream-writing lessons (Retro dream-style reasserts itself...)

Just had a dream in a style that I haven't had much since leaving architecture, very film-noire, lots of montage and suggestive imagery, with really hard-to-interpret symbols crawling over various surfaces.

The dream was a standard "get your house in order" type thing, set in a cottage, where my mother, father and myself were moving ...

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