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Oh, a few more successes with the Toolkit... (PyGreSQL and PyPgSQL both work...)

So far the only failure that's been seen is in Numpy 23.6 (23.1 works), and it works with a different version of one of the packages. Was very pleased when I just typed "vc7" and was able to move both packages to Python 2.4 just by running again (having just finished building them for ...

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What's with the SourceForge and (Both decided yesterday to take aeons to load each page (if at all))

I'm trying to release new PyTable and BasicPropery versions. Unfortunately, it's been something like 40 minutes, and I'm still waiting for the dratted SourceForge to load the release-editing pages. And the pages are taking... well... it's hours and hours anyway, I started it downloading when I woke up at 10AM, and it's still not ...

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New PyTable release (PyGreSQL support added)

For those with a yen for PyGreSQL, there's a new version of PyTable that has preliminary support for it. It runs most of the PyTable tests, but fails miserably in the real-world project (some problem with the reverse-engineering of the schema from the database).

Anywho, there for those who want to play with it.

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