New hierarchy types are fun! (Though we got our collective arses whipped in Cranium...)

Spent the bulk of the day finishing and then debugging the new hierarchy type, and then figuring out why an old hierarchy type seemed to have been messed up (it wasn't, it's always worked like that, I just never noticed it).

After that, went to our cousin's husband's sister's house for dinner and a game of Cranium. Definitely not our finest hour. We got stuck on word puzzles for multiple turns on two occasions, and then managed to get stuck on (of all things) performance arts! (We're normally slam-dunk good on the performance and graphic arts). Still, it's the word puzzles that smart the most; didn't correctly solve a single word scramble or fill-in-the-blanks puzzle (normally the only things I can do).

Oh well, I'm thinking today I will try to boot into Linux and get it updated and then cleaned up somewhat. I really do need to move back to using it as my primary OS, which will require getting the PVR functionality going (and getting the tablet to load reliably without requiring rmmod-ing it).

Guess there's no meeting this week, which means I can work sans interruption all day tomorrow. Yay.


  1. Mike Fletcher

    Mike Fletcher on 12/29/2004 11:53 a.m. #

    Turns out this is a known problem that's fixed in the ~amd64 version of the package. Just needed to add it to the package.keywords file and the install finishes.

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