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I'd forgotten just how intense Cranium games get (At least, when Shane and Shademan are playing...)

Had a few friends over for games night tonight. Thing is, all of the "girls" headed off to Rose's bedroom, so it was just the four guys playing. It was far more intense than I really like my Cranium games... Shademan and Shane just care so much about winning. Oh well, fun nonetheless, just a ...

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Blockage leads to learning (The wild and wacky worlds of VOIP and Web Services)

Wow, I'm really upping my buzzword-compliance today! Since we're still working on getting the Cinemon CVS repository online, I've been blocked on my primary project, so I figured I'd spend the day familiarising myself with the various tools we'll be using for the upcoming VOIP/Web Service project (starting Monday morning).

I'm just going to be ...

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