It's surprising how often I look down at the keyboard, desk or tablet (Touch typing not-withstanding)

Was maybe a bit hasty in declaring myself alive. Fever came back with a headache from heck. Think I'll just have to write off the day's work.

Interestingly (I hope, given that the last 3 or 4 posts have been really dull for just about all of my readers) I realised something as I was lying in bed trying to calm down the headache, none of the configurations I've been trying to eliminate the problem have been working because they have nothing to do with a computer!

All this resetting and rebooting and reconfiguring and changing around access permissions was trying to alter me lying on a bed with three pillows a sheet and a blanket... and this particular hardware model doesn't have config files.

This revelation came to me in two parts, in the first I realised that all those reconfigurations (tied up to the recurring dream about the arms falling off the list) weren't having an effect. So I told myself to stop expecting changes, to just go on trying to sleep. It was only this afternoon that I clued into the "um, you're human" thing.

Anyway, I'm awake now (sort of), the fever has receded for a bit, so I'm poking at ACI's balky CMTS, but I can't in good conscience charge for work done when I'm not really sure I'm thinking straight. However (yes, the title had a point), what's annoying me at the moment is the pain in my eyes every time I try to look down. It's peripheral vision for me I thinks.


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