Laptops that melt and other PyCon trivia (Very pleasant evening eating and hacking once the presentation was done...)

Went to the business dinner last night, as one of the two VexTech delegates. Was a very pleasant evening, big gathering as normal. After it was done (around 10:00) D'Arcy and I wandered over to the conference centre again to look for people with whom to talk.

Wound up spending the evening hacking on a shared wxPython editor with Jeff and Linden (and their two parents, Alex and Alex). Just finished another couple of hours sitting in the hall helping them (mostly Linden) get the UI code to the point where one (STC) text control is properly mirroring itself to the other.

The talk yesterday went okay, I suppose, but D'Arcy's laptop lost power, so it did an fsck of the disks while rebooting just as I was supposed to be starting my talk. Wound up starting late, without any slides whatsoever, rushing the first 10 minutes of the presentation (until the laptop finally booted), having to go back to resync with the presentation right in the middle (and let people see some of the things I'd been describing), getting totally off my timing (thinking I was running out of time) and eventually finishing the entire presentation and question period in 20 minutes.

Still seemed to go fairly well, wasn't what I wanted it to be, but sometimes life gives you lemons.


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