Ah, back to the world of Mikey (Looking back at the week of PyCon...)

Well, I appear to have arrived back in Toronto. Last day of the conference was nice enough, though I wish the Google keynote had a bit more detail. Got to sit next to a very beautiful woman through it, so I suppose I can't complain too much ;) . As a note on the talk, while it might not be up to SWIG's level yet, ctypes does have an auto-interface-generating mechanism.

Spent part of Friday afternoon helping Jeff and Linden get the wx editing code up to "demo" stage. Went to the "hackers" meeting in the evening, not a lot going on there. Then walked around downtown taking photographs. Unfortunately, like most of the photos I took, there just wasn't enough light. I took around 350 pictures, but there's only a very small number that are even reasonable, and nothing particularly good.

Jukka (of Nokia) wandered about Washington with us for part of Saturday, and then we headed off to "Madam's Organ", which was a rather good blues bar. By far the cheapest and best food of the week. Decent music, though the opener was better than the headliner.

There were a few bugs in OpenGLContext pointed out over the week. The Nokia PyOpenGL thing looks really fun, I've been considering doing some Nokia development since they announced the capability.

Natasha appears to have deleted all entries from her blog and restored the original grey colour scheme. Wonder if she's just decided scr*w it, or if she's in the middle of a redesign.

Will try to digest the rest of PyCon over the next few days. Lots of little details here and there. Want to look at the new version of perspective broker, see if I can make it work for our needs. Still need to get the presentation uploaded to the PyCon web-site... suppose I'll do that now.

Have to figure out some way to share the photographs from the trip; may upload them all to flickr just to avoid the storage hit. Otherwise may pass them off to D'Arcy to share off the server at his place.


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