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Nevow's templates are quite elegant (Just wish there was some documentation...)

Spent the whole day on Zonez work, with an hour in the middle for a meeting with Stephen (the client). Kept going longer than I should have thinking I could get the whole thing done today, just wound up with sore hands. XXX is going to be off at a feast, so can't phone her ...

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MythTV program database off by one hour [solved] (Write it up even though it's been written up in the mailing list...)

"Sympathetic User"'s support encouraged me to actually fix this problem today. Turns out the problem with MythTV was with reliance on a bug in Qt <= 3.3.3 which was fixed in 3.3.4. The MythTV folks have checked a fix in, but it'll likely be a while before that shows up in portage, so here's what ...

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