Ironic that post had the real answer within it (I should *read* now...)

Began by editing the play-in-design paper. Realised that it's too dense still. It needs to lead the reader in far more slowly than it does. So decided instead to write a quick piece about Modernism, and what about it was successful and useful (as well as what didn't tend to work).

That went well enough, a fairly good summary of the two sides of the beast, but as I wrote I began to realise: it's been years since I seriously and systematically studied this material... I'm having to stretch to remember some of the chains of logic that lead to these conclusions... and sometimes I've forgotten them completely.

Sure, that's what notes are for, but I'm thinking what I need to do is not to just look back at my notes, but go back and do a bit of a refresher on the whole field, taking new notes to compare with the old. Should get myself one of those researcher cards with the U of T library and start checking things out.

Heck, even just going through all the articles on architecture in Wikipedia would likely be a good start and getting back into the swing of things (yes, I've started there). Do a survey of what it looks like from the outside before diving back into my rarified little world of meta-theories.

I don't need a research assitant, I need to get back to doing research myself!


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