To experiment, to read, or to write? (I'd rather be having coffee with friends...)

What I'd like to do this evening is sit around chatting with Natasha, Shane, Alexei, Shademan, Lara, Simon, Eric, Dan, Diana, Kim, Nadia, Lisa, Christine, Dave, Mark, Brendan, or any of a dozen other people with whom I don't get enough chance to talk. But they're all either busy people who will already have plans for a Friday night (I should plan these chatting desires better), or lost in the mists of time and poorly maintained channels of communication.

So, rather than fixing the problem, I'm going to choose one of my many languishing projects and work on it. Probably PyOpenGL, now that I think about it, but part of me nags that I should be working on carreer-building stuff instead.

Lunch meeting with a potential client tomorrow, so can't be up too late today, so I'm not going to get any of the projects done.


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