A pleasant evening in with friends (Talkin' the night away...)

Interesting energy this evening. The Baha'is were all off at feast, so we secular humanists (and a Pentacostal Christian) spent the first few hours discussing God, evolution, and dating. We actually spent the whole evening in my bedroom (which converts to a second lounging area when the futon goes couch). I've got little pieces of Michelle-fluff (she was wearing this all-fuzz-all-the-time sweater) all over my work chair and bed.

I tried to get some more reading done on the thesis, but this book is just so dull. How do you make design theory dull? Approach it as aesthetics. Basically he's now done an enormous amount of work trying to isolate aesthetics from general appreciation of design, and is now trying to create a 'universal' definition of good form. We already know how to make something that triggers low-level perceptual mechanisms. How many times do symettry, detail, colour, etceteras need to be rediscovered? We want a broader picture, something that can explain more than just the trivial aspects of design.


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