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Bit of hacking for OpenGL-ctypes (Images or bust... or something like that...)

I've been so busy lately that I haven't even looked at the OpenGL folder (the 124 unread messages count is scaring me). So, rather than do something useful and see what people are asking about, I decided to do some coding on OpenGL-ctypes. Basically I decided to get the image-handling working.

Didn't quite get there. ...

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I Had Been Free

Damnable dream
Though pleasant at the time
Has pulled my thoughts
Which I had thought now free
Back to that which should abandoned be

In Hairy Fists

What a perverse thrill
Holding an artefact of highest technology
Elegant, machined within a hair of perfection
Fragile in its way, destroyed by the slightest shock
Taking it in hand
Not gingerly or tenderly
But with a hand remembering those first rocks
Raised in hairy fists
That, were one to ponder, lead to this artefact ...

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